Cryptex of Time

Cryptex of Time

Wheels with gems on them, which should be rotated in the right position

Cryptex of Time is a puzzle game. It consists of many riddles, which the player has to solve one by one in order to make progress further in the game. The game has a number of levels with increasing difficulty. The graphics are 3D environment. There is a set of wheels, with gems on them, which should be rotated in the right position so that matches to be created and difficult puzzles be solved.

The player travels to different parts of the world where he solves various puzzles, finds treasures, new challenges etc. The gems should be combined in a definite order, so that there will be combinations between them. Whenever a level is completed, the player is transported to a different country where he or she must complete another level and progress further ahead.

My opinion is that Cryptex of Time is not an interesting game I think the puzzles are fairly boring and there are too many levels to be completed in order to solve the final puzzle. The other shortcoming is that it is a paid game, which will drive back most of the people who are willing to play it.

Luis Sanchez
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  • 3D graphics, difficult puzzles


  • Paid game, too many levels
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